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Imagine being asked by that far away customer of yours to service a machine you sold them some years ago. If you are properly organized, you will

  • easily locate the source code for your program and are sure there were no later modifications
  • still have a computer with the old compiler version or IDE that was in use back then
  • find a list of the i/o wiring made for that machine

Congratulations! Have a plane booked and travel assured that you will fix the problem.

In real life it happens too often that one or the other of the requisites is missing.

This is why we made a programming language that does without all that: emBASIC

  • stores the source code (password protected) of the program version that it is running
  • requires no more than a simple terminal program like Hyperterm® to edit
  • lists its commands, system constants ($Baudrate9600), your i/o assignments and much more!

Thus, you might even ask a local engineer to have a first a look at the problem.

Details to operate emBASIC from a standard terminal: Application|Getting Started

On the other hand there's a full comfort PC development tool called WorkBench.