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18 Locale subsystem

ELZET80's products are sold to many European countries, the US and South America. While Unicode would open up all possibilities, it seems too complicated for the moment, as there are few tools like terminal programs or editors supporting Unicode - which would mean to have Unicode internal storage and then transform it on the way out and in, making special tools to enter foreign symbols etc.

18.1 Locale tables

Locale tables are used for internationalization of emBASIC. These are external modules, uploaded before emBASIC itself.
Locale tables include support for monetary conversions, date and time functions, system messages and other country dependent issues.

To make system messages and user messages switchable to the different alphabetic languages, system messages should not be fixed in code but should address a text storage by means of a key. We define us_english locale as the default locale, which means that this table must have all entries filled.
For other languages, there is an extension module uploaded to the target to replace local information or extend it some way.

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